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The Cold War Kids Are Bringing the Heat

Cold War Kids are on tour. If said tour is coming your way, I suggest you get off your ass and check them out

The Cold War Kids Are Bringing the Heat

They rolled through Chapel Hill, NC on Monday night, playing a sold-out show at the Cat’s Cradle. My lady and I were fortunate enough to get in and we got our collective domes rocked. These guys put on a fantastic show.

Their first album, Robbers and Cowards, was released in 2006 and is, in my opinion, an extremely under-rated effort.

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Mario Williams outgains reggie bush


In Buffalo Bills have reported the defensive purposes of Mario Williams that it will be issued, according to ESPN, Josina Anderson. Further about its least productive season for the last four years to Buffalo, Williams has carried out the most part of 2015 the head coach Rex Ryan conflicts from first year.

During the season, pass Rasher was vocal about his misfortunes with Ryan's scheme. Bills I have gone from the leading league in 2014 with 54 sacks to fall up to No. 31 only with 21 sacks in the first year under Ryan. Williams who has delivered three consecutive two-digit bag seasons there were only five sacks in 2015 In a year before he headed team from career of high 14,5 sacks.

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Morning Wood: World Wide Wes

William Wesley

William Wesley, a/k/a World Wide Wes, has been called the most powerful man in sports and packs Jay-Z, Lebron and MJ, among others, in his cell phone speed dial. High powered sports agent? Nope, but he’s in tight with all of them too. Professional sports franchise owner?

Guess again, but they pick up his tab when they see him wining and dining in their city’s most exclusive restaurants. ‘Wes’ is nothing more the a middle aged mortgage broker; however, many consider him the most powerful man in sports.

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Perhaps David Garrard’s Party Tendencies Could Explain Why The Jaguars Are Horrible This Year

David Garrard Partying

David Garrard threw just three interceptions last year and then signed a monster contract in the offseason. The Jaguars success in 2007 led many people (/raises hand) to believe that they would be Super Bowl contenders in 2008. Well, um, whoops — Garrard and the Jags got beat by the Bears again yesterday to fall to an AFC South worst 4-9 and out of playoff contention.

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These Go To Eleven: Seattle Supersonics

Space needle1

With the death and unwarranted molestation of the Seattle NBA franchise — and the L itself — we thought we’d celebrate (because really, protest is futile at this point) the 11 greatest Supersonics. Sure, the franchise will be back at some point, and yeah, they get to keep the name (or $30 mil if they don’t get a franchise by 2013) but it won’t be the same.

The Seattle Supersonics as you know them no longer exist. The team is en route to Oklahoma City, and all Clay Bennett had to give up was his soul. What a deal!

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JJ Grey & MOFRO’s Anticipated New Album, ‘Georgia Warhorse’, Releases On August 24, 2010


JJ Grey & MOFRO is probably one of the most kickass southern bands that you may have never heard of. Blending the classic southern rock & roll and the blues with a soul/funk/R&B sound, these Jacksonville, FL natives have been a welcome sound in the live music scene for the past decade. With four great albums under their belt (two billed as MOFRO and two billed as JJ Grey & MOFRO), fans and critics have been eagerly awaiting the band’s fifth album, ‘Georgia Warhorse’, which hits the proverbial shelves on August 24th.

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Rumor, Rumor: Misty May and Jason Kidd Kicking It


Jason Kidd is recently single, so there’s plenty of speculation abounding re: who he’s creeping on at the Olympics. Misty May is not single. In fact, she’s married to Matt Treanor, Florida Marlins catcher, who is hanging out in Beij … oh, right, he’s in America playing baseball.

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Best Moobs in Sports, in Honor of Andre Smith


As you all may have seen, Andre Smith “debuted” at his Pro Day yesterday. Once a lock to be a top 5 pick, his titty-shaking - and not in the fun, lap-dance kind of way, but in the grotesque, uber-flaccid inducing way- couldn’t have helped his cause. We discussed this today on Burning Down the House (because Stamos, myself and Kigh created the idea via email) but, damn, there are some serious man boobs (MOOBS) out there right now, when it comes to the sports world.

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