Mario Williams outgains reggie bush

William Wesley

William Wesley, a/k/a World Wide Wes, has been called the most powerful man in sports and packs Jay-Z, Lebron and MJ, among others, in his cell phone speed dial. High powered sports agent? Nope, but he’s in tight with all of them too. Professional sports franchise owner?

Guess again, but they pick up his tab when they see him wining and dining in their city’s most exclusive restaurants. ‘Wes’ is nothing more the a middle aged mortgage broker; however, many consider him the most powerful man in sports.

They say he works for no one so he can work for everyone. He’s involved with basketball players: prep kids, college kids and pros. Not to mention agents, shoes companies, owners and management. He can be routinely found at games across the country sitting courtside or in a luxury box. The picture above was during the ’Malice at the Palace.’ Wes was all up in the middle of the biggest brawl in U.S. sports history shuttling players around trying to get them off the court.

The thing is nobody knows exactly what he does. He’s a promoter of sorts. He connects up and coming stars with their idols, gets hard to reach stars to give media interviews and coaches call him to deal with problem players. Seems like a great guy, doesn’t he? Or possibly the shadiest thing I’ve ever seen.

He’s in tight with John Calipari at Memphis. If that’s not shady enough, he was responsible for sending one and done sensations DeJuan Wagner and Derrick Rose to Memphis, along with new Calipari signee Tyreke Evans. Evans is also expected to be a one and done lottery pick. He was responsible for turning small time agent Leon Rose into one of the biggest agents in basketball, boasting Lebron, AI and Rip Hamilton as clients.

Wes is very private for such a high profile figure. People claim he gets no compensation for any of these dealings and that’s how he avoids breaking any rules, NCAA or otherwise. I call B.S. He’s certainly getting something. Mortgage brokers who never sling mortgages don’t fly all over the world high rolling without somebody lining their pockets. Why is this brah concerned about ole WWW?

Because he’s rumored to be getting involved with John Wall and Lorenzo Brown, two big time basketball recruits for NC State in the Class of ‘09. Guess who these guys are also considering? That’s right, Memphis. I certainly wouldn’t blame these kids for going to Memphis. They just played in the National Championship game and put kids in the league. That said, they don’t need some slime street agent filling their heads with nonsense and calling up rappers to impress them.

The NCAA needs to step in and do something about guys like this. They don’t let legit sports agents contact high school kids, why in the world would they let this lowlife hang around AAU tournaments trying to woo the next big thing? Something smells and isn’t Brinson’s feet this time.