Mario Williams outgains reggie bush


In Buffalo Bills have reported the defensive purposes of Mario Williams that it will be issued, according to ESPN, Josina Anderson. Further about its least productive season for the last four years to Buffalo, Williams has carried out the most part of 2015 the head coach Rex Ryan conflicts from first year.

During the season, pass Rasher was vocal about his misfortunes with Ryan's scheme. Bills I have gone from the leading league in 2014 with 54 sacks to fall up to No. 31 only with 21 sacks in the first year under Ryan. Williams who has delivered three consecutive two-digit bag seasons there were only five sacks in 2015 In a year before he headed team from career of high 14,5 sacks.

While Williams have caused a stir as blow Rasher since then Huston Teksans has chosen it with the first general choice in the Project 2006 NFL, he has received much more responsibility in this season in the difficult scheme of Ryan. Not only that its numbers a sack in comparison with previous years, but he has written down only 19 tackles in 15 games and not to look as a solid body in the long term support as it was in the past.

Williams was two more years for six years, $96 million the contract, and still before, Ryan has come and has taken bills of exchange in last off-season, it was considered potential the Cap as the victim. After his disappointment of a season, its release only the matter of time has been considered.

Now 31-year-old gets on the free market of the agent where some commands are ready to be given, certainly, to it the big transaction, despite the age.

There are additional $10000 a month to save on a mortgage? the mansion Mario Williams can be yours.

With five bedrooms, nine bathrooms the former house of Buffalo Bills the defensive purposes that it was stretched on 9000 square feet and about 15 minutes from Ralph Wilson Stadium has been offered for sale on Friday on the price of $3 million that does it by the most expensive house on the market in Western New York, according to the website of real estate Zillow.com.

If you tracking at home, Williams there were more bathrooms (nine) in its Buffalo the area of the house, than it sacks (5.0) for bills of exchange in last season.

Public records show Williams has purchased the house in June, 2012, in three months after signing six-year-old, $ the 100-million contract with bills of exchange of page. He has paid modest $494915 four years ago for property which has been constructed in 2005.

Williams, of course, there was a little money to save. According to ESPN Stats & information, it has put in a pocket $66604805 from Bills that does its the ninth in size by the getter in NFL during the last four seasons and earning by the highest to the defender.

The general choice which was No. 1 will continue the platform of the purse, too. Delfina Mayami have signed Williams two years, $17 million ​​ the transaction in March of the current year that can increase to $20 million from incentives.